We are next level legal and we help lawyers

Generate predictable and recurring streams of high revenue.

Transforming the Legal Industry

This system is transforming the legal industry. Stop with the hassle of chasing down new clients every month. Quit worrying about where your next client is going to come from, and start creating a revenue model that lasts. 

Increase Profit

Create predictable and recurring revenue.

Decrease Work Time

Less work to complete. More funds in your pocket.

Increase Success

Create an extra $10-20K in revenue. 

You Are a Legal Professional.


You are a legal professional, not a marketing specialist. You focus on the legal, we deliver a system.  We offer a system generates clients for your law firm everyday–a system that finds and nurtures your dream clients and leads them exactly where you need them. Stop wasting your time chasing clients, and start creating a revenue model that lasts.

Five Star Philosophy






Our clients Love us For a Reason

Clay S.

“Thanks for keeping my company safe and for not hitting me with a lot of legal mumbo jumbo!”

Susan B.

“Competent and complete answers and advice; timely responses, friendly and helpful attitudes of entire staff. We appreciate their assistance as we grow our company.”

Jim S.

“Extremely responsive with superb customer service! When I talk to any other business owners, I am very proud to recommend!”

Meet Scott Reib

Scott is an entrepreneur and lawyer who has impacted thousands of lives with his ability to cut through the marketing mumbo jumbo and deliver strategies that work. 

As a coach, Scott combines his law and marketing degrees in order to create effective solutions for growing businesses. He works with lawyers and firms in order to generate predictable and recurring streams of high revenue to set them up for success. 

Scott works in 3 main capacities:

Fixer: Helping lawyers and firms fix broken business.

Protector: Creating business structures and systems.

Growth Coach: Setting Goals and Creating Strategic plans taking businesses to the next level in marketing, sales and leadership.

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